Professional Dog Grooming Tools Kit from Paw Brothers - Dog Nail Clippers, Slicker Brush, and Greyhound Metal Comb Pet Grooming Tools - 100% Guaranteed

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Getting your dog groomed by a professional can get expensive; the Paw Brothers pet grooming kit can trim some of those expenses and will prove to be a huge help for any pet owner! There's no reason that you can't become an expert at grooming your dog. Our dog grooming kit is the only pet grooming tools you'll ever need. Makes a wonderful gift for pet lovers. How to use a slicker brush:

You need to brush in "layers" to get to the undercoat. Start at the bottom of the dog's rib cage and push all of the hair up except a thin layer. Brush that layer in a downward stroke the way the hair lays across the entire layer until brushed through. Next drop down another layer of hair and brush downward in the same way across the entire layer. Work your way up the entire side of the dog then move to another area and begin again. Always start at the bottom of an area and always brush with the direction the hair grows with greyhound comb.

How to trim a dog's toe nails:

Supplies needed: toe nail clipper, styptic powder Always start with the rear feet as they are less sensitive. Hold the dog's foot with your hand underneath and supporting the foot. Use your index finger to support the toe as you trim the nail. Hold the clipper at a 45 degree angle and cut from top to bottom not side to side. Trim very small slivers of nail at a time and stop trimming when you see a white ring inside the nail as this appears just before the quick. If you do cut into the quick and the nail bleeds, apply a small amount of styptic powder to the affected area and hold the powder against the area until bleeding stops.

Pin Brush use:

A pin brush is used on dogs that have a single type of coat, with no fluffy undercoat. Pin brush use: if the coat is long, start at the bottom and brush the direction the hair grows. Work your way up the length of the hair continuing to brush the direction the hair grows until you have completely brushed the entire coat.


Set of 3 Professional Pet Grooming Kit | 1x Contains dog nail clipper, 1x Dog slicker brush, and 1x Greyhound style metal comb. Best Dog Nail Clippers | Durable, ergonomically designed, and easy-to-use clippers with stainless steel blades; powerful enough to cut your dog's nails with a single cut. Dog nails Clippers have long lasting stainless steel blades. Nail clippers feature a stainless cutting guard and safety lock. Comfortable, sure grip handles - the perfect dog nail trimmer. Gentle Slicker Brush | Keep your dog happy, healthy, and looking his best with our dematting comb and slicker brush. Flat slickers have rounded corners that will not catch fur. Stainless steel pin tips are plastic. Coated to be gentle and slide easily through the coat. Gently detangles but firm enough to effortlessly remove dead hair and mats from your pet's coat. Works perfectly as a deshedding tool and also is a great cat brush. Greyhound Style Metal Comb | Greyhound Style Combs have combination teeth to provide the most flexibility in use. Perfect for basic and refined grooming. Round tip stainless steel pins glide easily through the coat. Delivering quality and value at an affordable price | We guarantee all our products for a reason. This dog grooming kit comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE